Small Humidifiers


You’re not alone if you find shopping for a humidifier perplexing. These 19 frequently asked questions and concerns about humidifiers on the market will assist you in making well-informed purchasing decisions and will provide you with a better understanding of the care this appliance will require. We’ll clear the air and give you the basic humidifier facts you need to know, from warming capacity to cooling mist functions.

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Do You Need a Humidifier?Do You Need a Humidifier

Consumers frequently buy humidifiers based solely on how they feel or what they see happening in their home. A dry home is uncomfortable and can also damage furniture and wooden string instruments.

A hygrometer, also known as a humidistat, measures humidity levels. Once you’ve determined that your home may require more moisture, look for a humidifier that meets your needs in terms of convenience, maintenance, and cost.

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Are Humidifiers Quiet?

Many humidifiers have a “quiet” or “whisper quiet” product description. One humidifier may remain quieter than another, such as an ultrasonic model, which is known to produce less noise than other types, but there are no completely silent humidifiers. You can select the lowest (quietest) or a nighttime setting with at least two-speed levels.

It would help if you adapted to the operating noise of a humidifier in the same way you would to an air conditioner or fan to benefit from the improved comfort level in a bedroom. It has some advantages: a low operating hum can drown out annoying household noises, and it can remind you to fill the tank.

How to Decide on Humidifier SizeHow to Decide on Humidifier Size

Buy a humidifier based on the area where you need to add moisture, not on the humidifier’s capacity. Every humidifier remains designed to cover a specific place in square footage. Use that as a guideline, then measure your space and match the humidifier.
Oversizing the unit will almost certainly result in excess moisture issues. It’s better to go with a smaller size. When shopping for a whole-house humidifier, remember that they remain intended to cover a large area (your whole home). The layout of your home influences how well moisture is discharged to the entire region.

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Germ or Bacterial Control FeaturesGerm or Bacterial Control Features

Some humidifiers have built-in bacterial control features to prevent or reduce the risk of bacteria formation in the water tank or at the point of moisture output. These and other features that raise the initial cost of a humidifier, such as nano or silver ion technology, are excellent for reducing bacterial growth. 3

Some humidifiers use silver sticks for bacterial protection, which must be purchased and replaced regularly. However, remember that none of these eliminates the need to clean the humidifier. You must still be diligent in cleaning and disinfecting your humidifier regularly.

Wick Filters Are Easy to Change

The majority of wick filters are washable. They remain reasonably priced and simple to change if that appeals to you. However, cleaning a wick filter requires a lot of hands-on work and time. Remember to clean and disinfect your humidifier regularly.

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If you can’t handle all of the routine maintenance required by a portable unit and have forced-air heating with a duct network. You could install a whole-house flow-through bypass humidifier. Maintenance is minimal, but it must remain professionally installed and will only add moisture to your home when the heating system remains turned on.

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